Way to Setting Dining Table


Dining Table – If you’ve ever wondered how to set the table for lunch to get your guests, here are three simple steps to do so. Parts of the basic elements. For dinner, usually, there are three glasses. The closer to the serving dish is the glass for white wine, the middle one is for red wine and the farther it is to the water. The coffee cup and saucer are to the right of the glass for red wine.

Put a towel in the middle of the serving dish. Add a small plate for the bread with a knife inside horizontally turned left, toward the upper part of the flat plate (mise en place American). Or use the napkin as “saucer” and Fix it to the side (English mise en place), always with the butter knife positioned above. Add the silverware. Place the two or three forks to the left of the dinner plate (salad fork, dining table fork and fork to fish, if necessary).

On the plate is a pastry fork with the tines facing right (the glass) and spoon left. Place your table knife to the right of the plate and butter knife to follow. Next to the knife put a tablespoon, if scheduled. And if they served one or more teaspoons should be positioned between the knife and soup spoon. If there is a fork pickles, this should stand alongside the spoons, on the outer edge. Serve your guests and enjoy. Finished setting dining table.

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