Vintage Home Office Decorating Ideas


Home Office Decorating Ideas – One of the most neglected rooms in the home in the form of decoration is the home office. Many people see a home office as a functional space that does not require much thought. At the same time, office furniture and appliances are often built to be useful and cheap rather than aesthetically attractive. However, you can turn your home office into a comfortable and welcoming space by borrowing design ideas from vintage style. While most modern office desks are made of metal particle board, a traditional wooden desk serves as a vintage centerpiece for even the most modern home office. Antique oak and pine desks can be dyed to any shade and is more interesting and old-fashioned than most office desks available from furniture makers today. One of the disadvantages of an older desktop is that it will lack computer-friendly features like a keyboard tray or openings for cables and wires, but a few carefully placed holes and some rearrange all you have to do to make a vintage desk your daily workplace.

The use of wood, you can use wood elsewhere in the office to give it a warm feeling that does not have metal or plastic office furniture. If your home office decorating ideas has wood accents like molding or window frames, not paint them, although they are less in need of repair. Instead, apply a new coat of lacquer or varnish to protect them in their current condition and allow the natural wood to show through. As a rule, replacing other materials with natural wood give your home office decorating ideas a timeless, vintage look.

Consider using wallpaper instead of paint in your office. Patterned wallpaper was once common in every room of a house, but today they are largely ignored in favor of latex paint. Vertical stripes can help make a room appear taller and expand the space. Vintage accessories, finally, round out your home office decorating ideas with vintage accessories. Your computer and telephone can be modern, but try to find a stainless steel or brushed aluminum stapler instead of a modern variety. Fortunately, these vintage-inspired items available at major office supply chains. Other vintage accessories may include a wire mesh trash, wood, paper tray and a mechanical key-wound clock.

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