Outdoor Bar Height Table and Chairs Ideas


Outdoor bar height table and chairs – Various table heights require different chair seat heights.  If the seat is bigger, the table will be too close to your knees; if it is lower, the table will feel like it on your chin. Fortunately for consumers, furniture manufacturers have the table heights and seat of the chair heights corresponding with them standardized. A chair for Bar Height Tables, Eating and working surface of a bar-height table is about 40-42 centimeters from the floor. Bar-height chair seats and stool measure 29-30 centimeters from the ground, which is in line with the 10-to-12-inch rule of thumb. If the bar chair has armrests, make sure they are low enough to run under the table instead of the bump. Chairs for Extra Tall Bar Height Tables, although not as commonly used as a standard bar-height tables, extra-long bar-height tables are about 48 centimeters from the ground. Therefore, the seat height that works for them is approximately 36-38 cm from the floor. Outdoor bar height table and chairs can be hard to find. Look for them at specialty supplier’s bar stool shops and restaurants, or try an online search.

A chair for Counter-Height Tables, Counter height is typically 36 cm from the floor. If you have a counter-height bar or outdoor bar height table and chairs, sometimes a “table meeting,” you’ll counter-height seats, which seats have about 26 centimeters from the ground required. Outdoor bar height table and chairs and stools are counter sometimes mistakenly referred to as bar stools. Measure the outdoor bar height table and chairs sure you should be buying the height of you.

Other considerations for use outdoor bar height table and chairs, Standard outdoor bar height table and chairs measuring about 30 centimeters from the ground; the right chair seat height for a dining table is about 19 to 20 inches from the floor. Because the seat heights of dining chairs, chairs and counter stools increases incrementally, it can be hard to tell what you are buying when you go alone by sight. To be safe rather than sorry and bring a tape measure with you on your shopping trip.

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