DIY Marshalls Home Decor with Seashells


Marshalls Home Decor – If you have a passion for decorating with seashells, you are not alone. This ancient practice gained widespread popularity in Europe in 1500 and 1600, says Marlene Hurley Marshall in “Shell Chic: The Ultimate Guide to decorate your home with seashells.” ¬†Seashells should match the rest of your decor. They will almost certainly clash with an industrial or high-tech theme, for example, and will look out of place. Seashells look great with natural and more muted colors like earthy colors, off-white and light blue, green and purple. These colors echo the natural theme invoked by shells, though. Bolder colors can work, too, but. A bright purple or green room could have seashell accents as long as other elements do not collide with shells – industrial pipelines and harsh metallic surfaces is out, ie

Lest continue Marshalls home decor steps. Try using shells in functional ways, just as a soap dish, potpourri holder or bookends. Display collections of particularly striking shells on their own if you prefer. Dedicating the entire shelves for a collection of seashells give them the attention they deserve. Curio cabinets can show your shells in style too. A novel solution, hang them in fruit baskets or by filling artistic glass bottles with small shells. Seashells make beautiful centerpieces, too. Place a large shell in the middle and surround it with smaller shells, beach glass and coral. Put them right on the table or in a shallow container with sand.

Create a mosaic of shells glued to a board or canvas, or make elegant candlesticks with shells in a spiral up the base. Consider installing small shelves and create different arrangements on each, using seashells and other natural objects such as driftwood, cloth flowers and dried plants. To make your decor more interesting, do not limit yourself to the shells themselves. Choose other dialects as fossils, dried plants, live plants, prints of seashells or paintings of ocean scenes, as stated in “Better Homes and Gardens”. Nautical accents like a ship wheel also work well. Shells go well with a Victorian theme, also as shell collections help to create a neat appearance and was popular in Victorian times. That all guideline of DIY Marshalls home decor with seashells.

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