DIY Build a Large Jewelry Armoire


Large Jewelry Armoire – A novice carpenter can build a durable, stylish jewelry wardrobe two wooden fruit boxes. The boxes are available in grocery stores and often have seasonal fruits like tangerines. This spacious wardrobe jewelry organized to provide a home necklaces, bracelets and earrings, and will be an attractive addition to the room, bathroom or closet. The cabinet, which can be built in just a few hours, would also make a thoughtful gift for a lover of jewelry.

Level of difficulty to build large jewelry armoire is moderate. Things you need are two black wooden fruit crates, black paint, hot spray glue plastic gun, scissors 1 screening, staple yards gun 16 gray suede fabric 1 photo yard stick hooks, tape ribbon 2 decorative silver measure 1 yards hangers, and hammer. Ready to do that? Lest do it! First step remove all paper labels fruit boxes. Paint each box, inside and outside, with black spray paint. Next, place cartons each other on the long sides with the hot glue gun.

Cut a piece of black plastic screening to fit the back of two boxes with scissors. Staple the screening to the back of the boxes with the staple gun. Set post-hooks 14 around the upper interior walls of both boxes. Measure the width and length of a box. Cut two pieces of ultra before the measurement with scissors.  Place each piece of ultra at the top front edge of each box with the hot glue gun. Add a piece of decorative ribbon at the top with the hot glue gun.  Place two hooks stick to the right edge of the box on the left, halfway out. Pull the curtains ultra suede to the hooks. Necklaces and bracelets hanging from hooks inside large jewelry armoire. Slide hook style earrings fall in the detection holes between the slats of the drawer. The project has completed may can help you.

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